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Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential!

Asifundeni = Ngatidzidzei = Let's Learn

Our Vision: To be the one stop shop, for evolving tastes and preferences of our customers in the provision of technological tools with a deliberate effort on innovation and creativity.

Our Mission: To be leading provider of technological interface platforms through Placing top priority on identifying and meeting the needs of clients; Striving for the highest standard of integrity and professionalism; and Being a caring employer, attracting and retaining the best team of employees.


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About Us

A service product owned by e-Maps Technologies Private Business Corporation, providing good quality online tutorship and coaching platform for primary to advanced level learners and beyond.

eMzayah operate in a way that you have never seen in your educational life. For students both primary and secondary, our company will give you the best through our affordable online platform. When you are learning online know that you are not learning from a machine, you are guaranteed to experience your Teacher's live learning tips, and for the purpose of saving lives during this global pandemic period, it is a wise idea to be always safe!

Why Us?

We enhance learning to be easy. Let learners do homework and extra lessons in the comfort of their homes

Learners and parents interact with the teachers and map the best way forward for the learner especially primary and secondary students

Our aim is to take learning on another dimension and enable utilisation of technological resources we have for the best of our child learning.

Asifundeni = Ngatidzidzei = Let's Learn

What make us different?

eMzayah brings the teacher to interact with learners.Our vision is to make Africa realise its potential in education.

We don't automate our learning material to learners, we bring it to live learning to cater for learning differences among learners

We make sure child extra lessons, exam coaching or remedial lessons are done as the case may be. After driving your child to and from school you don't need to begin another trip to the extra lessons teacher! Save lives! save costs! Together we can make it!

eMzayah + Participation = Successful Africa


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How eMzayah  Work!


    Our online learning platform welcomes institutions to work on it. Kindly send us your account request by clicking Here. Once the request is done, our adminstration will contact you for more details to fully setup your account aswell as students accounts. Teachers are able to upload learning staff as well as managing their students.

    eMzayah Education is essential for your wisdom!


    On eMzayah   be rest asured that learning will be so easy. All students will be able to login and receive some learning staff from their respective teachers. Students will be able to answer set Multiplechoice and structured question excercises in an easy and comfortable way. Learning materials will be in form of documents aswell as video presentations that a student may download for future use.Live lectures will be available aswell. What is required is for the student to have either an iPad ,Laptop or desktop computer, smart phone, etc. Our platform is compatible with many devices.

    eMzayah Education is essential for your wisdom!

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